I’ve decided it’s time to sell the domain,  

(You’re welcome to all the website assets* too!)

After 3 years of publishing and promoting indie films, filmmakers, scream queens like Suzi Lorraine, and TV Hosts like Mr. Lobo, I’ve decided to move on to doing ROKU channels instead of websites.

So…If you’d like to get into the ZOMBIE and CREATURE FEATURE related biz, this is a great way to do it.

Writers, Critics, and Bloggers: You might choose to transfer this site and it’s assets* to your own host, or perhaps keep it here on WordPress or another Blog Host.  When you buy the domain…you’ll get the content free too.

Merchandisers: You’ll probably want to use my website content to support the sale of your stuff.  When you buy the domain, I’ll help you transfer this collection of movies, photos and other content to a Point of Sale host.  The right service will allow you to sell Zombie products like Cafe Press clothing/merchandise, or Amazon affiliate products.

Photographers: Post your Zombie Pix here.  Additionally, I can share what I’ve done online with my feature film distributed by, and how I’ve used Flickr to do slideshows.  You might like to investigate doing Photo/Video contests via Facebook, Vine and others services to augment your domain.

Filmmakers, Actors, and Distributors: This site is a great way to promote your movies.  One look at the Profile pages and Streaming pages and I’m sure you’ll see the potential for representation of Zombie, Horror, and Indie Creature Features.  Promote Pre-production and Fundraising…meetups…Share ideas between your cast and crew, etc.

Event Promoters, Costume Designers, and Makeup-Persons: Use to promote your events like: Zombie Walks, Crawls, Proms, Dances, Parties, and SpFx Makeup-courses and demos.  Post photos, videos and webcams of your events on your new domain.  (If you’d like to see what’s being doing in the Zombie-Genre check out my movie on VODO.NET, it’s free, informative, and full of great music too.)

*Assets: Pics and embed codes, Html: Note that I’m really not selling this stuff, I’m giving you the assets you need to use (IF) you choose to do so on your new site. Most of the assets, like Embed codes are from Youtube, and I’m really just trying to save you time. Profile pictures of Suzi, Debbie and others are for publicity use, and you might want to contact them via Facebook before posting to your new site.

Make an offer to Dean Lachiusa:    deanlach    @    OR message me on

Zombie Pix (the movie) promotes this domain!

Did you know that VODO, the invitation only distributor for Indie Filmmakers has delivered over 15,000 downloads of my Zombiepix movie?
This is a great promotional vehicle that you get gratis when you buy the domain. Contact deanlach(@) to buy the domain for $2,500 OBO. And I’ll even throw in the website assets…that’s all the html and pictures of celeb’s like Suzi Lorraine and Debbie Rochon.